Upholstery Tools & Needles - Other Tools

Diagonal Cutting Nippers OSB 91

These hardy drop forged nippers are ideal for cutting hog rings and wire- and almost anything else! Polished head, finest industrial quality. Red plastic handles.


End Cutting Nipper/Pliers OSB 94

An excellent small nipper / pincher made of drop forged steel. Black finish, polished jaws, flush cut. Excellent for removing tacks and staples 16.5 cm long / 6.5 inches long 199 grams or 7 oz weight.


Hog Rings Pliers Straight 1440AO

Trade quality Osborne Pliers.
Made of forged steel and vinyl handles.
Each plier weighs eight ounces. Works with Osborne HogRings.


HogRing Pliers (Bent) 1440CO

Osborne Quality - Made of forged steel and vinyl handles. Each one weighs eight ounces. Works with Osborne Hog Rings.

Handle bent to reach difficult jobs.


Pincers OSB 93

Large flush cut steel pincers great for heavy ripping. Great for getting close to a flat surface. 



Here's a handy tool when you have a few decorative nails to apply! It spaces the nails perfectly giving a professional finish to your project. Made in the USA by CS Osborne this spacing tool will take the guess work out of the job. ***Hammer and nails not included


Rip Chisel OSB 402

Forged steel blade with correct angle on chisel edge. Used to remove upholstery from furniture efficiently. Shouldered tang, tough construction.


Rubber Mallet - White

Extra heavy duty white mallett will not mark the fabric surface . Superior quality, limited bounce, white hardwood handle. 


Staple Gun Spotnails 80S Upholstery Gun

High quality American-designed staple gun to be used with air compressor. Compatible with 80 series staples. Fabulous tool that makes stapling so easy!


Webbing Pliers OSB 250 Hammer Jaw

Made with a hammer jaw, the hammer acts as a lever if a strong pull is required. Excellent tool for stretching canvas and webbing.