Upholstery Tools & Needles - Webbing Stretchers

Webbing Pliers OSB 250 Hammer Jaw

Made with a hammer jaw, the hammer acts as a lever if a strong pull is required. Excellent tool for stretching canvas and webbing.


Webbing Stretcher OSB 205 Timber English Style

English Pattern Webbing Stretcher which is used widely in the UK. Made of American Hard Rock Maple, finely finished and of the toughest quality.  Can be used with any flexible webbing.  Safe - with no sharp teeth.


Webbing Stretcher OSB 253 Gooseneck

A patented goose neck hand stretcher with plenty of leverage. Extra sturdy construction. To be used with Jute Webbing only. Length 25cm /10 inches,  Width 10cm/ 4 inches


Webbing Stretcher OSB 255 - Timber with Rubber End

Webbing stretcher suitable for use on polished timber. Made with Hardwood Maple with Corrugated Rubber one end and one row of 6 sharpened Steel Pins at the other end. Used with Jute Webbing only.