Traditional Upholstery Classes

Upholstery is one of the oldest crafts still in widespread use. Making furniture both beautiful, durable and comfortable for the human form to occupy, demands skills that no machine has yet been able to emulate. And of course no matter what modern furniture manufacturers devise, we’ll always need to refurbish our cherished furniture using the techniques with which they were first made, before staple guns and rubber foam were invented.

Adrian Padgham is a master upholsterer with 46 years’ experience, and has been teaching Padgham Upholstery’s workshop classes since 2006. His patience and persistence has won his trainees Victoria’s Apprentice- of- the- Year award, three years running.

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In our courses we teach all the techniques – past and present - of upholstery, including the purpose and correct use of tools and working with fabrics. We ask our participants to bring a small piece of upholstered furniture with coil springs. A range of tools is also required, and of course we can supply these, at a 15% course - participants’ discount. Here is what you’ll need:

• Webbing stretcher
• 6 inch/ 15 cm bent packing needle
• Tack claw &/or staple remover
• Blue cut tacks both 12mm & 15mm
• Magnetic Hammer
• Good pair of scissors (not paper scissors)
• Pliers may also be useful.

Please note: The chair will need to approved by Padgham Upholstery as suitable for class. Sewing machines are not available for use and any sewing of fabric will need to be undertaken privately or by pre-arrangement with Padgham Upholstery. This service is not included in our class fees. Students will take their chair home after each class & bring it back for the next class. Some homework may be required.

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Our classes deliver 16 hours of award-winning tuition at our factory/showroom in Warrigal Road, Moorabbin, and you can choose between a number of classes over different time periods and days, usually 4 classes of. We have had class participants from as far as Singapore, Perth, Adelaide and Queensland. 

We occasionally present courses on specialist aspects of upholstery such as Danish style arm chairs – enquire or look at our class schedule.
To ensure each participant receives the personal attention they need, we limit our classes to 8.

Please note: Online purchases of class places are not guaranteed until confirmed by email or phone. Places were available as of 5pm at the end of the business day. Book your course now to avoid disappointment.

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Ollie, June 2016 Adrian and Dianne, plus the other helpers who popped in, were fantastic throughout the course. I was expecting more structured sessions with periods of teaching/modelling followed by us doing what we'd just been taught, so it was a surprise to get straight into it with assistance as required, but soon recognised the huge variety of chairs and the diverse range of upholstery techniques required for each. I quickly grew to love this style of session, as I not only got ample one-to-one guidance relating to my chair, including support beyond the allocated sessions to finish off, but got to observe a number of other techniques that I didn't need to employ. Overall, a very specialised yet also very eclectic introduction to traditional upholstery. As advertised, I'm hooked!

Natalie May 2015 Many thanks once again, to all of you for the part you've played in my newfound hobby. I've thoroughly enjoyed myself and will be in touch frequently I'm certain, for supplies, help and advice.

John January 2015  I want to thank all of you for your patience, help and instruction. As a teacher I must say I was impressed with Adrian's ability to give just enough information to get each task done without bamboozling with the big picture of every task - I feel confident to move on to my next project and am searching eBay religiously.

Penny March 2015 Hi guys thanks for the best workshop ever.

Trudy April 2015 Thanks so much for providing a wonderful course, such friendly and expert advice and on-going support. It is great to know you are there!